PZK. Polski Związek Krótkofalowców. Polish Amateur Radio Union.
PZK. Polski Związek Krótkofalowców. Polish Amateur Radio Union.
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Open HST Championship of Poland
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The Open HST Championship of Poland will take place on 26-29 June 2008 in Skierniewice, Poland. It will follow the IARU regulations (meaning four disciplines: receiving, transmitting, pile-up test: Morse Runner, Rufz). The competition will take place in the building of the driving school of League of Country Defence (LOK - Liga Obrony Kraju) in Nowobielanska 26A street. The accomodation and meals (full board) will be provided by the student house in Pomologiczna 6 street (20 min walking distance). The student house has 2-4 bedded rooms with shared bathrooms (two on each floor). The website of the student house is http://www.bursa.org.pl/, in Polish only. In the "Galeria" bookmark the photos of the building, rooms and other facilities can be found.

A sightseeing tour is planned for one day of the competition. Total cost of participation (championship+accomodation and meals in the student house+trip) is 40 EUR. Declarations should be sent to the organizer - Alfred Cwenar (sp7kmx@wp.pl, sp7hor@op.pl) till 15th June. Coming to Skierniewice, the guests should come on 26th June, before 17:00.

The official program of the competition is following:

Skierniewice 26 - 29 June 2008


Thursday, 26th June
19:00 - Dinner
21:00 - Championship Opening Ceremony

Friday, 27th June
7:00 - Breakfast
Competitions from 8.00 till 14:00
14:00 - Lunch
Competitions from 15:00 till 20:00
20:00 - Dinner

Saturday, 28th June
7.00 - Breakfast
Competitions from 8:00 till 14:00
14:00 - Lunch
15:00 - Bus departure for a trip to Żelazowa Wola and Sromów
20.00 - Return from the trip, dinner

Sunday 29th June
8:00 - Breakfast
10.00 - Awards Ceremony
12:00 - Lunch, departure of teams for their journey back.

The places the guests will visit during the trip are famous tourist spots in Poland. Zelazowa Wola is the place of birth of the best known Polish pianist and composer - Fryderyk Chopin. Sromow has the famous folk museum with wooden sculptures (most of the sculptures areanimated), collections of the original equipment and a beautiful park.

The guests requiring more comfortable conditions can take a closer look at the hotels in Skierniewice. However, stay in the hotel is not covered by the participation fee (40 EUR). The organizers can help in arranging and booking the hotel.

Hotel Start, located next to the student house (the same street) - webpage: http://www.hotel-start.pl/, only in Polish,the photos of the rooms are in the "Galeria zdjec" bookmark. The prices per room are:

1-bedded room, no TV: 24 EUR
1-bedded room with TV: 29 EUR
2-bedded room, no TV: 29 EUR
2-bedded room with TV: 35 EUR
3-bedded room, no TV: 30 EUR
3-bedded room with TV: 39 EUR

Hotel Polonia: http://www.hotelpolonia-skierniewice.com.pl/index.php.
Polish webpage only. Photos in the "Galeria" bookmark. The prices are:

1-bedded room+breakfast: 46 EUR
2-bedded room, no breakfast: 29 EUR
2-bedded room+breakfast: 38 EUR
2-bedded room+breakfast, higher standard: 67 EUR
2-bedded appartment+breakfast: 75 EUR
The rooms on the photos are higher standard rooms.

Private accomodation is the most expensive option, but the guests may find it interesting, because the owners want to expose the Polish 19-th century interiors. Webpage: http://www.hotel-dworek.pl/. That is the only hotel having the English version of the webpage. The prices are:

1-bedded room+breakfast+VAT: 52-55 EUR
2-bedded room+breakfast+VAT: 70-75 EUR
appartment+breakfast+VAT: 92-104 EUR
All the rooms have TV sat, free internet, fridge, bathroom with a shower and hair dryer. Some of the rooms have air conditioning.

The guests can buy the meal set, which is the part of participation fee or eat on their own. All the hotels have their own restaurants or pubs.

Hope to see you in Skierniewice.

Vy 73! Piotr Skrzypczak SP2JMR president PZK & Bogdan Machowiak SP3IQ Vice President of PZK

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