6 Międzynarodowa DX Konwencja
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Info (SP2DX, SP9HQJ) w sprawie 6 Międzynaroowej Konwencji dotyczącej DX, która odbędzie się 18 - 19 kwietnia br. w Paestum we Włoszech.


The venerable archeological and tourist site of Paestum, south of Salerno in Italy will receive all ham radio operator, and we are expecting, as usual for this annual meeting, outstanding guests of international renown, and some very important DXers and other highly competent ham radio personalities.

The meeting will be a convivial and a first-ever social affair, with great care having been taken to choose the finest venues and hotels, with a Gala Evening with some fine music and dancing.

The backdrop will be the golden sands and shady pine groves of Paestum, perfect for optimal radio connections, a few minutes from the splendid Cilento and Diano Valley National Park, the second largest in Italy an ideal place for a few days of relaxation and gastronomical delights such as the typical Mediterranean specialties of the famous water-buffalo mozzerella and nationally renowned local species of artichokes.

The events will take place at the fine 4-star Best Western Hotel Esplanade located barely 150 meters from the sea, with private beach and within short distance of the archeological site with its National Archeological Museum. With its big subtropical garden and swimming, it's a true oasis of peace. The hotel is also ideally located for excursions to the Isle of Capri, Pompei, Padula, the Pertosa Grotto and the Cilento Park.


      Saturday April 18th :
      14,00 Arrival and registration of the participants;
      14,30 Opening work session with welcome speech by Oreste D'Anzilio, IZ8EDJ;
      Welcome speech by Giancarlo Sanna, IS0ISJ ARI PRESIDENT
      15,00 D-STAR Panoramic analisyis by Antonio Esposito, IW2OAZ;
      15,30 The IOTA of the future by Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ;
      16,00 ARI AWARDS by Mario Ambrosi, I2MQP;
      16,30 DXCC & ARRL AWARDS by Norman Fusaro, W3IZ;
      17,00 E44M PALESTINE DXpedition 2009 by Simone Bizzarri, IZ0BTV & Giorgio Minguzzi, IZ4AKS;
      17,45 Photos with OM Group;
      18,00 Coffee Break;
      18,30 VK9DWX Willis Island DXpedition 2008 by William Josh Fisher, W4WJF;
      19,15 KP5 Desecheo Island DXpedition 2009 by Mike Mraz, N6MZ;
      20,00 International Polar Year by Nuccio Meoli, I0YKN;
      20,15 Recap and history of 6 great SRT years, its successes and experiences by Oreste D'Anzilio, IZ8EDJ;
      20,30 Closing work session.
      21,00 Gala dinner.

      Sunday April 19th:
      09,30 US license examination session will be carried out by Norman Fusaro, W3IZ - Mike Mraz, N6MZ & John P Kennon N7CQQ;
      11,30 Practical examples of D-STAR by Antonio Esposito, IW2OAZ;
      12,00 Prize-giving:
      VP6DX Ducie Island - Leszek Fabianski, SP3DOI (The Winner of W.W.DX T.) by Francesco Giacoia, IZ7AUH;
      International Polar Year by Nuccio Meoli, I0YKN;
      5th Strange Radio Event by Marco De Carlo, IZ7DOK;
      Alessio Ortona 50MHz Memorial Day by Maurizio Gentile, IZ1GJK;
      SRT HF CONTEST SSB by Francesco Fazio, IK8WEJ;
      13,00 LUNCHEON.

      During the event the following will be present : Norman Fusaro W3IZ, Mauro Pregliasco I1JQJ and Mario Ambrosi I2MQP for all those who wish information on, or would like to request the following awards: DXCC, WAC, WAS, WAZ, CQ DX, CQ DX FIELD, IIA.

The participation fee of 125,00 euros for person includes:
the Gala Dinner on Saturday evening 50,00 euros;
Sunday luncheon on the 19th 40,00 euros;
hotel accomodations at 35,00 euros a night and eventually the supplementary fee of 20,00 euros for a single room.

For reservations contact within: 2009 March 31.

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