Event station OE16B
Dodane przez SP1THJ dnia 2007-06-21 / 23:57

The Amateur Radio Section of ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) and the Documentary Archives Radio Communication /QSL Collection will activate, on occasion of the Papal Visit of Bendedikt XVI to Austria 31. August - 9. September 2007 a Special Event station with the unique call sign


QSL only direct via: ORF/OE16B, A-1136 Wien

This is a charity operation for the El Molo Mission and School in Kenya*. Therefore, the special QSL will only be issued against a donation (at least 1 new IRC or 1 US-$). All other reports will be answered with a plain QSL via Bureau.

* www.ppoe.at/leiter/themen/hhh07/hhh07/hhh_infos.html

Contact: Wolf Harranth, OE1WHC, Dokufunk/QSL Collection,

ORF/QSL, Argentinierstraße 30A, A-1040 Wien – Austria


QSL motif download (CYMK/4.5GB): http://dokufunk.org – Breaking News

Info: Wolf OE1WHC