Information about Amateur radio-license in Poland

Poland is a CEPT country! If you have a CEPT license (covered by T/R 61-01) or a CEPT Novice license (covered by  ECC-Rec. (05)06), you may right away enjoy amateur radio license privileges during a stay in Poland (under three month).  Just make sure that you carry your license with you. 

What if you have no valid CEPT license?  Foreign Radio Amateurs without a CEPT license or a CEPT Novice license can apply for a guest license with the Polish telecommunications authority, which is Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) in Warszawa. The license will be issued for 3 months at the expense of  82,00 PLN (approx. 21 €).

If you want to operate in SP for more than 3 months this also should not be a problem. You can apply for a temporary Polish amateur radio license.  You can also submit a statement, in which you mention preferred call sign that you wish to obtain (if available!).  You may list a few alternative call signs of your wish.   Below please find detailed step by step instructions for license application.  

Application for temporary Polish amateur radio license for the foreign citizens.

Fill attached application form and submit it to the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) along with requested attachments.

word_icon(application_amateur_radio_license.rtf 38 kB)

pdf-icon(application_amateur_radio_license.pdf 29,2 kB)

Please attach to the application:

1.                  Copy of your passport.

2.                  Residence permit (EU-citizens submit a copy of registration form).

3.                  Copy of HAREC certificate or national amateur license or amateur radio examination certificate (English transcript).

4.                  Written permission of the landlord of a house/flat where the amateur station is to be installed.

Upon receiving UKE information about the license granted, you are expected to pay PLN82,-  into mentioned below bank account and to mail a copy of the receipt with remark _ “radio license fee” to the recipient.  Then the license will be mailed to you.

Account data:

Urząd Dzielnicy Wola
Warszawa, Al.
Solidarności 90

account number:  PL 54 1030 1508 0000 0005 5003 6045

Do not hesitate to contact UKE if you have any further questions:

Official page:

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